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Emergency Management

  1. EMT / CFR Class Registration

    Use this form to register for an EMT or CFR class. To register for a Fire class, use Acadis.

HEALthy Choices Schuyler

  1. Choose HEALth Schuyler

    More people choose to eat meals outside the home. Restaurants have the opportunity to provide healthy and tasty meals to residents of... More…

Office For The Aging

  1. Get involved! Learn about our volunteer opportunities.

    Inquire to the Volunteer Coordinator about volunteer opportunities!

  1. Golden Glow Enewsletter

    Schuyler County Office for the Aging bi-monthly newsletter enrollment form.

Public Health

  1. #SleeveUpSchuyler Submission Form

    Form to request being featured in the #SleeveUpSchuyler campaign.

  2. COVID-19 Vaccine Standby List Sign Up

    A form to request being added to the county's standby list.

  3. Request a copy of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Day Care Tool Kit

    Use this form to request a copy of the Finger Lakes Coalition to STOP Lead Poisoning's Lead Poisoning Prevention Day Care Tool Kit.... More…

  4. Schuyler County Public Health Large Gathering / In- person Catered Event Notification Form

    Note: This form only needs to be completed for indoor events over 100 people or outdoor events over 200 people

  1. COVID-19 Vaccine Standby List Cancellation Form

    A form to request being removed from the county's standby list.

  2. Missed Second Dose Appointment Form

    This form is from Schuyler County Public Health and Schuyler Hospital. This form is only for those who missed their second dose... More…

  3. Requests for Messaging on the LED sign
  4. Sign up for HEAL Schuyler Newsletter

Real Property

  1. Change of Tax Bill Mailing Address Form

    This form is used to request a change to the mailing address used on property tax bills.

  1. Soil Group Worksheet Request for Agricultural Assessment Parcels

    This form is to be completed by owners of Agricultural use parcels when: a) initially applying for an agricultural assessment and... More…

Reporting Problems

  1. Report A Problem Or Concern?

    As an alternative to calling Schuyler County for general inquiries, complete the online form. This form can be filled out 24 hours a... More…

Village of Odessa

  1. File a Concern, Complaint or Positive Note

    As an alternative to calling the Village of Odessa, NY, for general, non-emergency inquiries, complete the online form. This form can... More…

  1. Street Light Outage Notification

    The Village of Odessa's street lights are maintained by NYSEG. The Village does report outages to NYSEG, however, the Village may not... More…