Mayor's Corner

Mayors Column

fficial Mayoral Priorities:

  1. Safety for all employees and OFD volunteers
  2. Morale and positive working environment for all employees and OFD Volunteers
  3. Financial/Operational Stability, Accountability and Transparency
  4. Clean Water Solution
  5. Waste Water Treatment System
  6. Revitalization of Main Street                                                                                                         a. Beautification                                                                                                                         b. Zoning
  7. Economic Courtship                                                                                          a. Bring businesses to Odessa                                                                                                 b. Increase homes via developers on vacant land-increase housing availability                       c. Increase B&B Opportunities in the Village
  8.  Odessa Museum
  9.  Develop a museum of Grain and Lumber Mills along with the History of Odessa.
Odessa, NY

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