About Schuyler County Public Health

What is Public Health?

Public health works to promote and protect “the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play.” We work to prevent injuries and illness and use science-based solutions to improve people’s quality of life. 1  

Public health also saves money. Some studies have found a return on investment as high as $67 to $88 for every $1 spent on public health departments. While the exact return on investment dollar amount varies between studies, with some estimating a smaller return, studies consistently show that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".2

The 10 Essential Public Health Services provide "a framework for public health to protect and promote the health of all people in all communities." They include:

  1. Assess and monitor population health status, factors that influence health, and community needs and assets
  2. Investigate, diagnose, and address health problems and hazards affecting the population
  3. Communicate effectively to inform and educate people about health, factors that influence it, and how to improve it
  4. Strengthen, support, and mobilize communities and partnerships to improve health
  5. Create, champion, and implement policies, plans, and laws that impact health
  6. Utilize legal and regulatory actions designed to improve and protect the public’s health
  7. Assure an effective system that enables equitable access to the individual services and care needed to be healthy
  8. Build and support a diverse and skilled public health workforce
  9. Improve and innovate public health functions through ongoing evaluation, research, and continuous quality improvement
  10. Build and maintain a strong organizational infrastructure for public health

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Our Department's Mission and Vision

Schuyler County Public Health's mission is to protect and empower our community to be safe, healthy and prepared. Our vision is a connected community of healthy people and safe places.

Our Values

  • We value health being a community priority.
  • We value relationships with partners and stakeholders.
  • We value the trust and respect of the Schuyler County community.
  • We value the use of evidence and data to improve performance.
  • We value the competence of our staff and the quality of our work.
  • We value innovation and idea driven solutions.
  • We value our adaptability and unbiased perspective.

Our Community's Health

Schuyler County's Community Health Assessment process is completed every three years to get a snapshot of how health is in the community, what the community’s needs are, and what resources the county has to address the issues facing the county. As part of this process, we also develop a Community Health Improvement Plan to help guide the community in its health goals. Visit the Community Tool Box for tools and tips to help build healthier communities.

Our Team

Our department is led by Schuyler County Public Health Director Jill L. Kasprzyk, and the other members of our Leadership Team including:

  • Lorelei Wagner- Deputy Director
  • Deborah Dalmat - Compliance Officer
  • Dianne Thomaris - Fiscal Coordinator
  • Darrel C. Sturges - Watershed Inspector
  • Corie Stansfield - Administrative Assistant

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Our Department

Learn more about Schuyler County Public Health and our services in our Brochure and our 2022 Annual ReportPrior annual reports can be found linked below: