Schuyler County Agriculture Development and Farmland Protection Plan
Adopted in April 1999, the AFPB Plan describes Schuyler County's farmland resources and the economic value of agriculture in the community. It poses fourteen recommendations for the Board to implement from 2000 through 2006:
  • Development of professional agriculture marketing position
  • Formation of additional agriculture cooperatives
  • Initiate added-value project - establish group, identify resources, begin activities
  • Green labeling - investigate feasibility and actual value
  • Financing programs - identify and document farm-directed funding opportunities
  • Solicitation of new farm enterprises - promotion of agriculture resources for new farms
  • Agriculture tourism initiative - development of family tourism opportunities on farms
  • Right to farm legislation to augment Agriculture Districts
  • Education and public relations - enhancing the understanding of agriculture
  • Taxation - establishment of tax abatement programs for agriculture
  • Aligning zoning / regulation to support Agriculture Districts
  • Agriculture planning education - programs and resources for local officials and real estate professionals
  • Farm representation on planning boards - appointment of farmers to planning bodies
  • Farmland preservation - conservation easements, lease / purchase of development rights
The Board has taken action on most of the recommendations and continues to pursue them in priority order.