Hauling and Construction Permits

Under Section 103 Article V of the Highway Law, Article 385 of the V. & T. Law, any vehicle of a size or weight exceeding the limitations, as specified below, traveling on County roads must have a permit from this Department.
For weight limit posted roads, a permit may be issued for a single hauling vehicle and associated equipment.  An equipment list will be filled out by the Highway Department with all the necessary information.  The combination of the vehicle, trailer, and load, as indicated on the equipment list, must be of legal weight and 8.5” or less in width with no greater that 72’ in length.  Any vehicle or combination thereof, greater than these dimensions must acquire a permit from this Department.
We will also have a trip permit that is issued by this Department for one (1) move.  This move will be from one specific place to another or for a round trip for vehicles hauling the same load (weight and dimensions) or no loads.  Only one round trip allowed per permit.  The duration of this permit shall be up to eight (8) permissible hauling days.
REGISTRATIONS:  Copies of the vehicle registration is required to verify the VIN number, license number, and the legal weight.
INSURANCE:  The applicant shall procure and maintain automobile liability insurance coverage throughout the life of this permit, at their own cost and expense.  Insurance cards with verified information for each vehicle must be presented before permit is issued.
Various permits are required to either work within the County road right of way or have work done by the Highway Department.  The permits are:
Work within Road Right of Way - Any construction or maintenance work conducted within the County road right of way requires a permit.
Driveway Installation and Replacement Permit – Driveways are covered under the separate Driveway Installation and Replacement Permit (shown below).  If you need a new driveway, you should contact the Highway Department and a representative will discuss your plans with you and arrange to visit the site for a pre-installation inspection of the existing conditions that will help determine what size pipe is required, how much pipe is required and to discuss the Policy terms.  Driveway and highway work permits are available at the Schuyler County Highway Department office.  For more information on permit requirements, please contact the Highway Department.