Civil Service

Civil Service Department Organization
Public employees are hired under a merit system known as civil service. The Schuyler County Civil Service Department, under the direction of the Personnel Officer, administers the provisions of the New York State Civil Service Law for all county departments, school districts, special districts, towns, and villages in Schuyler County.

Effective January 1, 2017 all applications for examination, applications for vacancies, and canvass letter responses MUST be received in the Civil Service office by 4:30pm on the designated last filing date. Applications received after the filing date (even if postmarked by the filing date) WILL NOT be accepted.

Emailed or faxed applications are not acceptable.

*****SPECIAL NOTICE: As of 1/22/20,  NYS Civil Service is experiencing a delay in scoring the exams from test date 10/19/19.  These exams include: Motor Vehicle License Clerk; 
Sr. Motor Vehicle License Clerk; and School Support Coordinator.  Once our local office receives the results we will immediately send out notifications to all testers. 


None at this time.


Account Clerk-Keyboard Specialist - Department of Social Services
Last date to file: 2/18/2020 by 4:30pm

 Town & Village Job Opportunities

​None at this time.

 School District Job Opportunities

Odessa Montour Central School Employment Opportunity: 

Cleaner - Odessa-Montour Central School District
Last date to file:  02/26/2020

Watkins Glen Central School Employment Opportunity:

None at this time.


Watkins Glen Public Library:

None at this time.


Odessa - Montour Central & Watkins Glen Central School Districts  - 2018-2019 school year -

Accepting application for all Non-Teaching /Substitute positions - Continuous Recruitment