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Restaurant Program 

More people choose to eat meals outside the home. Restaurants have the opportunity to provide healthy and tasty meals to residents of Schuyler County. Participation with this initiative offers those involved the chance to improve the community’s health through dining out in Schuyler County.

Participation with HEAL Schuyler requires the following: 
1. Display provided logo
2. Meet one standard, either Member, Bronze, Silver or Gold.
3. Provide 2 recipes to do a nutrition analysis on.  

Benefits of Participation in program. 
  • Participating restaurants will be recognized as Public Health Partner in promoting healthier communities on our webpage, Facebook and twitter. 
  • Contribute to a healthier Schuyler County.
  • New restaurants standards meet the National Restaurant Associations standards for Kids Live Well and Healthy Dining and FDA guidelines for "Healthy" products. 
  • HEAL Schuyler offers free analysis of recipes that will qualify members to meet the new standards. 

To complete the form electronically- Click Here 

Voluntary Food Standards Categories

Click on the links below to see the different food standards under each category. 

  1. General Member
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
Meet one standard within 3 out of the 4 categories
  • Offer at least one baked/broiled fish or poultry entree.
  • Include healthier beverage option (reduced fat, 2% milk low fat 1%, non-fat milk, non-dairy milk alternative or water)
  • Offer fruits and vegetables as part of all children's meal
  • Offer at least one whole grain choice. 
  • Offer side salad or vegetable rather than French Fried at no extra charge.
  • Offer a choice of fruits and vegetables prepared without added fats
  • Offer option for smaller soup servings
  • Offer salad dressing on the side
  • Offer option for smaller entree portions (At least 1/3 smaller than full size meal)
  • Offer to serve half entree with remainder provided in to-go container
  • Offer additional utensils/plates for sharing (entrees/desserts)
  • Discontinue offering free refills on sugar sweetened beverages
  • Offer gravies/sauces on the side