Rental Housing Resources

Resource Description For more information
Renters Resources Checklist A useful list of questions to utilize during apartment visits and talking to potential landlords
Renters Resources Checklist
Move in Checklist A checklist to utilize before moving in or out of a rental unit. The checklist provides a way to ensure that the move-in and move-out and condition of the apartment has been document and agreed upon by both the tenant and landlord
Rental Assistance Learn more about renting and HUD rental assistance programs.

HUD Rental Help

Eviction Help A tenants guide to the non-payment eviction cases published by the New York State Unified Court System.
Tenants Guide for Non Payment Eviction Cases
NY Housing Search A free service to list and find affordable, accessible home and apartments across NY.
New York Housing Search
Information on Bed Bugs An informational pamphlet from NYS Integrated Pest Management Program addressing Bed Bugs.
Bed Bugs Pamphlet
Community Dispute Resolution Center Can provide help with landlord/tenant disputes through mediation services.
Community Dispute Resolution Center