1. About SCCUDD
  2. History of SCCUDD
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A connected community where our youth have education, resources, and drug-free options to help their journey to become happy, healthy adults.

To prevent, reduce, and delay the onset of substance use among Schuyler County youth by:
  • Collaborating with our community partners
  • Promoting prevention education and substance-free activities
  • Implementing environmental strategies

Problem Statement
Schuyler County has a concerning rate of life changing incidents that are alcohol and drug related, especially in our younger population. The Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drinking and Drugs is a coalition of agencies, institutions and concerned community members. Our purpose is to reduce scholastic, penal, judicial, or health–related consequences due to misuse use of alcohol and other drugs. We will use environmental strategies targeting youth, adults and community members to effectuate change.

  • Increase community collaboration
  • Reduce youth substance use