Advisory Council Members

Community Members
  • Diane Edwards, Town of Dix
  • Carole Gifford, Village of Montour Falls
  • Barbara Ketchum, Town of Orange
  • Kathleen LaMoreaux, Town of Hector
  • David LaMoreaux, Town of Hector
  • Denis Mann, Town of Catharine
  • Linda Mapes, Village of Watkins Glen
  • Beverly Mello, Town of Reading
  • Doris Pike, Town of Hector (Eastern)
Agency Members
  • Patrick Ryan, Schuyler Hospital/ Seneca View SNF
  • Amber Simmons, the ARC of Schuyler
  • Joan Scott, Veterans Services
  • Rebecca Weichenthal, Adult Protective Services
  • Susan Larson, RSVP
  • Dennis Fagan, Chair
  • Van Harp, District II