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The Civil Division is a state mandated service of the Sheriff's Office.  It's purpose and function is to serve and execute the various legal processes issued not only by and for the non-criminal courts of the state and its subdivisions, but also for the legal community and the general public.  Departmental and divisional policies and procedures are consistent with New York State and case law.  These policies are designed and developed to insure the accurate, expeditious, and judicious service and execution of all matters relating to civil process.

Civil Fees

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COVID Rent Relief Extension Program

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Legal Advice

The Civil Division staff cannot provide legal advice, nor supply or complete legal forms. The Sheriff's Office can only advise and inform parties as to those procedures and rules related to the Sheriff's Office duties.  If you need legal advice regarding a civil matter, please contact an attorney, Legal Aid, or visit .

Requirements for Service

The Civil Unit cannot serve to a P.O. Box. Petitioner must supply a physical address to all parties to be served. All papers must be delivered to the Civil Unit by mail or personal delivery at the Sheriff's Office and payment is required in advance. Kindly complete the Respondent Information Questionnaire and include it in the papers to be served. Copies are also available at the Sheriff's Office.



  • When requesting a records check, you must have a photo ID or a notarized records requisition.
  • The cost for copies of records is 25 cents per page. Motor vehicle accident reports cost 25 cents per page of the report.
  • If requesting a copy of a records check or a copy of a motor vehicle accident report, you must send a self-address, stamped envelope with the request.
  • All requests for records must be done in accordance with the Freedom of Information (FOIL).
  • Requests for Information specific to the Sheriff's Department may be mailed to the address noted to the right or emailed to

Freedom of Information Form