Protective Services

Adult Services
Adult Services provides the following services to adults 18 and over who have no one willing or able to assist them responsibly:
  • Investigations of abuse and neglect with visits made within 24 hours if it is a life-threatening situation or within three business days if not
  • Assessing for personal care services in collaboration with a registered nurse
  • Providing financial management for those adults who are unable to manage their funds appropriately
  • Assisting clients with the completion of applications for services such as Medicaid, SNAP, Temporary Assistance, and HEAP
  • Assisting our clients with home management services by making referrals to agencies for transportation, meal service, medical appointments etc.
  • Providing assistance to clients and their families with placement matters, either for assisted living or long-term care
For information, referrals, or to report adult abuse, please call (607) 535-8338.

Children Services
Child Protective Services (CPS) are available to children and their families in Schuyler County. The local CPS unit is the only agency responsible for investigating reports of suspected abuse / neglect and may utilize other agencies as needed. Law enforcement may assist in investigations as necessary or when a criminal act is also committed.

The duties of CPS include:
  • To receive reports from Albany 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • To begin an unbiased and fair investigation within 24 hours
  • To assess whether or not there is sufficient credible evidence to either indicate or unfound the report within 60 days
  • To offer and provide protective and preventive services to children and families to alleviate the presenting problems requiring removal
  • To use family court only when necessary
Report Suspected Abuse or Maltreatment
The State Central Registry of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, located in Albany, may be called toll free at 1-800-342-3720, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report suspected abuse or maltreatment.

Foster Care & Adoption Unit
Adoption Services
  • Legally freeing children through the court system for adopting
  • Preparing (training) adoptive families
  • Placing adoptive children in permanent (forever) homes
  • Supervising and supporting the families until finalization in court
Foster Care Services
Foster care is 24-hour care away from a child's biological family. Foster care is a temporary placement with trained families until such time as the biological family can be safely reunited. All children in foster care are placed by family court. Each child is provided a law guardian who represents their interest in all court proceedings.

An individual permanency plan is developed for each child to reunite them with the biological family (parents or relative) as soon as safe. If this objective is not accomplished within one year, alternate plans may be necessary to either free them for adoption or prepare them to live independently after foster care.

A foster child can be voluntarily surrendered for adoption by the biological parents or the court can deem them permanently neglected or abandoned. Permanent neglect can be determined by family court if the parents fail to visit or make a plan for the child's return within one year. Abandonment can be declared if there has been no meaningful contact within a six-month period.

Placement & Training
All foster children must have their placement reviewed by the court on a regular basis. Foster parents initially attend NYS sanctioned training provided by trained Schuyler County caseworkers at no cost. They are also required to attend annual ongoing training in order to receive yearly re-certification.

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To inquire or to obtain an application to become certified foster parents, please call (607) 535-8322.