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EXEMPTION DEADLINE - MARCH 1. Per NYS Real Property Tax Law, all property tax exemption paperwork must be submitted to the Assessor no later than March 1, each year. This includes Agricultural renewals and leases, income based exemptions and all first time exemption applications. 

Contact the County Treasurer's Office for property tax payment history and information.

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For general information, call (607) 535-8118 or email Property owners in the Town of Cayuta, please contact town offices at (607) 594-2507. 


In most Counties across New York State, the assessing function is a municipal responsibility controlled by the towns. However, Schuyler County has been a leader in developing shared service relationships with our towns, villages, and school districts. As a result, seven of eight (7/8) towns currently contract with us for assessment services, resulting in a substantial cost savings and more equitable assessment rolls. We are responsible for maintaining the data and systems needed to generate accurate:

  • Tax Maps
  • Assessment Rolls
  • Tax Rolls
  • Tax Bills